Strike Action In The UK

Worker Strike - Form of Persuasion to Get Better Working Conditions

While worker strikes occur within various businesses - from garbage collectors, hotel staffers, teachers, and to hospitals, nurses, and ageing home workers and many more - there is one constant thread connected to the broad diversity, it can cause extensive economic loss to the boss and his or her corporation. employment solicitors birmingham can assist you with a range of legal issues. They can provide you with advice relating to how the law affects you, establish your options and guide you on the most suitable path to take, prepare legal documents, correspond and negotiate with the opposite individual on your account, and represent you if you require making your claim through the courts.

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What is a worker strike? 

Labour strike, or a strike, is a work stoppage, caused by the mass refusal of employees to work. In other words, a strike is when workers refuse to work or boycotting outside the workplace and preventing or hinder people from operating in their place or conducting business with their employer. 

How can they be resolved in the UK?

In most cases, mediation method is used. The participants involved make their own decision as to how the situation will turn out. The mediator guides the dialogue gives objective feedback, prevents the dispute from escalating, encourages both sides to consider alternatives to the ongoing conflict and maintains order. In the end, if the parties work things out, the mediator may write up a summary of the agreement for the parties to keep and to which they can refer.

What are recent examples of airport strikes? 

Heathrow, Gatwick & British Airways airport strike is the recent example and has resulted in cancelled flights include domestic, European and across the globe as well as forcing airlines to refund tickets.

What kind of damage can these strikes cause? 

A work strike could cost your company more than just dollars. For instance, if it's a big hotel facing such a strike, staffing shortages could seriously impede your business as usual. If you have employed over 1,000 staffers and they are set to vote on whether to walk. Finding replacement help - adequate replacement help - is a crippling task. What's more, interim staffs have a higher risk associated with them. Because they're not familiar with your business model, there's a good chance your guest relations ratings could suffer. Not to mention the variables you can't control - temporary employee unreliability, theft, and the possibility that these employees weren't vetted properly. Inefficient performance is one thing - guest safety, entirely another.

What do they want to achieve? 

Workers use strikes as their primary mode of action against business practices that are viewed by workers as unfair.

How are they often resolved?

Usually, the labour union and the owner of the company will sit down and come to an agreement.


Company strikes can cause uncertain atmospheres in the workplace. Companies are often called in to provide badly needed security during this time or to assist with maintaining the safety and mobilizing a temporary workforce until such disputes are resolved. Employment solicitor Birmingham will be able to guide you through the legal system and could save you money in the long run.